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United for Aya

On May 17, 2020 Law student Aya Hachem aged only 19 was shot and murdered as she crossed a street to get to a grocery store in Blackburn, England. The despicable murder of a teenager in cold blood in the Holy Month of Ramadhan while she was fasting should have brought humanity together - yet ironically a few bad actors used it as an opportunity to ferment sectarianism.

This design is in honor and memory of Aya - literally translated as Sign - a Sign for all of us to be united by holding on to the rope of Allah and not to be divided among ourselves. Holy Qur'an 3:103

All profits from sales of this item will be donated to Funds for Aya Hachem on Gofundme.

Note: Our normal fulfillment times are being severly impacted due with sufficient staff not being able to work in the facility. If you would like to make a bulk order (more than 75 shirts), please contact us and we will look at options to work with local suppliers to produce faster.

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